Friday, October 28, 2011


If Arial would become a flavor, it would taste very similar to Helvetica, but not so delicate

So w
e thought to have some fun with Arial and Helvetica by cooking very similar products. But… if for the preparation of Helvetica we've chosen the fish fillet, for the honor of Arial we took some ready-made fish fingers. 
And although we had all the products for a very special fish-finger-suitable sauce (and we strongly recommend to try it - it is simple and super tasty), the last minute we've changed our minds and for the sake of the historical justice covered the tiny fish fingers with the Geneva sauce bedding. 

Through all this we wanted to illustrate the history, that even though Arial was created by the team of 10 people in 1982 (supervised by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders), and stated that the font was created on a basis of the Monotype Grotesque, it was obvious that the alphabet was just too similar to the 
perfect Helvetica, created two decades ago. 

Doesn't this look like a fish but not a fish hidden under the delicious sauce??
Moreover, to create a font is a long and hard work (like stewing the fish filet in the wine), meanwhile to adapt something already created is a much simpler task (as simple
 as to fry some fish fingers).


fish fingers

(if you think Arial deserves a unique sauce)

or see Geneva sauce
(if you don't think it deserves something unique)

The amount of the fish fingers depends on your hunger and your attitude to the junk food.
The same goes with the sauce.

Add some oil onto preheated cooking pan, put the fish fingers in it. Bake until one side gets roasted, turn and roast the other side.

If you are preparing our horseradish-mayonnaise sauce, then the proportion of the ingredients is important: mix the horseradish with the same amount of the mayonnaise, and then add dill (as much as you want).

Enjoy it!

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