Thursday, October 27, 2011

Comic Sans

You'll be as big chef cooking marshmallows, as a cool designer using Comic Sans

If Comic Sans font would be a flavor its sweatness would make our hearts melt. In addition, with our tongue and teeth we would feel soft, viscous mass. Who are they, american movie heroes on the wooden sticks at the fire place among the camping friends??
Yes, marshmallows!!

And the marshmallowish letters were created in 1994 by american Vincent Connare in order to imitate the fonts used in the comics books 
for decades.


the sadder you are (the more sugar your organism is demanding) the more you need!

Put marshmallow one a wooden stick and roast it over the open fire. The fire source could be anything like the fire place in a camping, the candle at home, your mom's owen, or a special blow torch.
Marshmallows catch the flame very quickly, so be careful and turn it over the flames all time while 

As you can see in the last photo, our result is not a perfectly roasted marshmallow. This happened because of the weakness of our fire which is not so suitable for this culinary masterpiece…


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