Friday, October 28, 2011


Welcome to Switzerland! 

If Helvetica would be a flavor, it would taste as something really swiss. Well, of course, the first thing we thought about was the violet cow. However, our ideas were guided by the historical facts of a strong parallel between Helvetica and Arial. Why? The answer is here. And so, the fish with swiss Geneva sauce suited here perfectly.

We've chosen this sauce not only because the font was created exactly in Swiss by Max Miedinger and Euduard Hoffmann in 1957, but also due to the fact that the Latin meaning of Helvetica is the name of this country.

P.S. the more precise (unlike us) you arrange the dish in the plate (so that the emptiness and the fullness, the straight lines and all such details would be important), the more you can call this dish Helvetica :) 

fish fillet
white wine

fish broth
egg (may be, may be not)

Add some spices to the fish and the sauce according to your taste - we recommend salt, pepper, thyme and oregano.

The type and quantity of the fish is of your choice.The sauce from following ingredients is for 4 persons, so if you're planing to eat alone divide the quantities by 4, not to waste food and not to feel too full.

a glass of white wine
0.5 liter of fish broth
100g of butter
two table spoons of flour
the quantity of rice depends of how much of fish you are preparing, and how big is your stomach

Rub in the fish fillet with salt, generously add some spices and place it into a baking dish. Pour glass of white wine, cover it with baking foil and put it in the owen.
In the meantime prepare the Geneva sauce. Slowly heat a half of the butter in the pan, and when it melts add the flour. Stir it good and wait till it becomes brownish. Then add the fish broth (you can make it from the fish parts left after disemboweling it. Such as 
as head, bones etc.
Boil and stir for another 10 minutes, then add the remaining butter. If you decide that your stomach would like a raw egg in the sauce, then add it also. (We had a bad feeling about it, so this idea was left behind even though you see an egg among other products in the first photo).
When preparing the rice do not forget the golden rule: one glass of rice = two glasses of water. You won't have any doubts whether the rice is cooked or not, because when it's prepared there will be no water anymore.

Take the fish out of the sea of a hot wine and put it into the plate, add rice and cover everything or only the fish with the Geneva sauce. If you miss some colors we recommend some capers and dill.

Enjoy your meal!

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