Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Times - traditional as fried eggs

If the Times font would be a flavor, it would taste as a traditional british breakfast - fried eggs with bacon!

Why? Because Times was created (supervised by Stanley Morison and drawn by Victor Lardent) in 1931 for the newspaper The Times and for decades every morning this font was being gulped down by the eyes of the british families while eating fat fried eggs with the pig strips.

sliced molded white bread
super fine sliced dried, salted or smoked bacon 

some spices by your taste – we recommend black pepper and salt

You will need as many bread slices as many eggs you wish to eat.
How many bacon slices you need depends whether you are currently on a diet or not. The more – the tastier!

Firstly, cut out squares of crumb from each bread slice.
Add some oil to the frying pan, and put the bread frames and crumb squares. Slightly fry and turn. Punch one egg into each of the bread frames.
Fry a little bit more and take out the bread crumbs. These toasts are now ready to go to the plate.
Cover the pan and depending on your taste, liquider or firmer yolks you like, keep it like this for the time needed.
When you see that the dish is about to be ready, add some bacon strips. Once these get crisp and smell that you can not resist not eating them, move the entire contents to the plate next to the bread toasts.

As you can see from the photo, we decided to make some black tea next to it. For the sake of historical justice it could have been with milk, but our stomachs frowned from the combination of milk and bacon, so this idea got rejected. Anyway, the dish is valid with no tea as well. 


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