Thursday, November 24, 2011

Courier New

Corn on the Keyboard

If Courier New would be a taste we would discover it in a truly simple dish - a sandwich. The masters in making this kind of food for sure are crazy writers and computer nerds.

The reason for such an argument you could find in the history of the font. Courier was designed by Howard "Bud" Kettler in 1955 and it soon became a standard font used throughout the typewriter industry. What is more It has also become an industry standard for all screenplays to be written in 12 point Courier.

Later the font was redrawn by Adrian Frutiger.
Today well known Courier New was introduced as the new version of Courier with Windows 3.1 and that is how the new kind of people - computer nerds - fell in love with it.

It is even hard to imagine how many times different sandwiches have been eaten in a rush not looking at the food while gazing at a piece of a paper in a typewriter or at a computer screen.

We believe that this dish often is the only food of the day for this kind of people so we decided that sandwich recipe has to be very nourishing and full of various vitamins. 

French bread baguette
Canned tuna (can be tuna flakes or tuna pieces, the best in its own juice)
Canned corn


It takes half of a normal size or one small baguette for one sandwich
Two tablespoons of mayonnaise goes for one tuna can
You will use about 6 full tablespoons of corn
One sandwich takes 3-4 slices of a tomato
Add as much lettuce as your heart desires

Cut the baguette lengthwise in two pieces
Spread tuna and mayonnaise mix on both halves of the bread
Put the corn on one half and slightly press the seeds to stick better with the tuna
Do the same with the tomato slices on the next half of the bread
Lay down the leaves of the lettuce and put the halves of the sandwich back together.

If you wish to intensify the feeling of tasting Courier New, eat the sandwich above the keyboard of your computer not looking at your hands and most importantly - do not care about the corn seeds disappearing among the buttons of your laptop… 


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