Thursday, December 1, 2011


Lithuanian philology specialists' tongues

If the original lithuanian font Palemonas would be a taste, it would remind us of a very lithuanian profession – the lithuanian philology specialist. This is because this lithuanian nationality font created in six people team (led by Vladas Tumasonis) was meant to satisfy special lithuanian language needs. Clear diacritic marks put where needed and made as clear as possible – just perfect to illustrate our language! Palemonas was created in occasion of 100 years of recovery of lithuanian press.

We were puzzling out for quite some time what dish could be made under this name. And finally even clapped our hands when w
e undersood that he most adored canteen dish of the lithuanian philology specialists is a beef tongue with mayonnaise. What is more - the tongue is a true symbol of the philology profession! So that is how the decision for the recipe was made.

It is not very interesting to prepare a tongue, 
you can simply buy one already smoked. So, we were more interested in a homemade mayonnaise production. 
Yes, this diet bogey man, terrifying us with all the curses of E, can be made by yourself at home. This way is much healthier, more authentic and very easy to make!

Smoked, cooked or otherwise prepared beef tongue
Sunflower oil (olive oil would give to the mayonnaise an abnormal bitter taste)

As many beef tongues, as many lithuanian language specialists are going to eat
Salads are feather-bed for the dish – no limits for it 1 egg
1 cup of oil
Pinch of salt
Spoon of mustard
A teaspoon of vinegar

Slice the tongue and place it on the plate together with the salad.
Wash the egg with soap (as it won't be treated on heat we need to get rid of all the bacerium), beat it into the bowl and mix it when slowly adding oil. Whipping it add also salt, put a tablespoon of mustard and add a teaspoon of vinegar.
Be patient – the longer you whip, the more real mayonnaise you will get :)
Finally, sprinkle the mayonnaise on the beef tongue and taste it.


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